Fmr. Defense Minister: Iran is most prominent threat to global stability

"Without the Iranian regime support, Hezbollah is useless."

Interview with Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon
Iran, not ISIS, is the greatest threat to global security, according to former Israeli defense minister Moshe Ya'alon.
"ISIS is not the most important threat to the Middle East," said Ya'alon on Tuesday in an with The Jerusalem Post. He claimed that it was a "tremendous mistake to consider Iran as part of the solution" to the ISIS threat. The world allowed Iran to gain power in the region while fighting ISIS.
"Iran is the most prominent threat to the stability of the world," said Ya'alon.
"Without the Iranian regime support, Hezbollah is useless, providing them with weapons, missiles, rockets, know-how. Without the Iranian support, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, especially in the Gaza Strip... irrelevant."
ISIS has been defeated, according to Ya'alon, but there are still active elements of the terror group in Syria, Iraq, the Sinai peninsula, in the West Bank and in Gaza. There are also ISIS terrorists that can still pose a threat all over the world.
However, this threat is small in comparison to the threat Iran poses to the Middle East.
Ya'alon said that looking forward, the United States and world powers need to put Iran as the "main threat" and adjust policy accordingly, perhaps imposing economic sanctions, and carefully decide what to do next after the end of the Iran Nuclear deal.