Former Netanyahu employee: I feel like a girl who's been raped and told to shut up

Meni Naftali responds to charges that he was behind high expenditures at Prime Minister's Residence detailed in State Comptroller report.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara on his 65th birthday. (photo credit: GPO)
PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara on his 65th birthday.
(photo credit: GPO)
A former Prime Minister's Residence employee at the heart of allegations of labor misconduct against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara lashed out Wednesday after the Likud blamed him for being behind the excessive spending at the residence which was detailed in the State Comptroller report released Tuesday.
Meni Naftali, the former chief overseer of the Prime Minister’s official residence in Jerusalem, sued the Netanyahus for NIS 1 million last year. He was the latest in a line of former employees to suggest misconduct in the residence.
When State Comptroller Joseph Shapira released a report on Tuesday saying that the household expenditures of the Netanyahus were excessive to the point of being unethical, the Likud immediately blamed Naftali, saying that spending had jumped during his tenure as chief overseer.
Naftali told Army Radio in response Wednesday, "I feel like a girl that has been raped and is told constantly to shut up and not complain."
Naftali said further that he himself had paid for some of the Netanyahus expenses out of his own pocket and not been reimbursed.
Netanyahu spokesman Nir Hefetz scoffed at Naftali's outrage. "He says that he has been hurt?  This guy who is running from studio to studio, slinging dirt during an election campaign and also trying to be a political player. This guy feels hurt."