Founder of Organ Donor Card, Dvora Ben Dror, dies at 93

Ben Dror created an Israeli organization to aid organ donations after the passing of her son from chronic kidney failure.

Dvora Ben Dror  (photo credit: YOUTUBE)
Dvora Ben Dror
(photo credit: YOUTUBE)
The founder of Adi, the Israeli organ donor card, Dvora Ben Dror passed away on Wednesday at age 93.
The Israeli organ donor card is named after her son, Adi [Ehud] Ben Dror who died from a chronic kidney illness in 1978.
It was the failure to secure a kidney for her own son that motivated Ben Dror to establish a database of Israelis who actively wish to donate their organs.
The National Center for Organ Transplants said that "she used to share her personal story with audiences...all to raise awareness to the importance of organ donations."
During her years as a volunteer, she was able to recruit like-minded people who together signed hundreds of thousands of people to the Adi card, honoring her late son and saving the lives of countless people.
Nearly one million Israelis are registered organ donors.
Deputy Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman expressed his condolences to the family.