Get protected, but have fun

It is definitely high time to give yourself a break and let loose.

Yes, Gin (photo credit: Courtesy)
Yes, Gin
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Are you scared of the second wave or fed up with the whole corona pandemic? Either way, it is definitely high time to give yourself a break and let loose. This week, try new sunscreen under the mask, sip refreshing gin with a twist and discover the wonders of acai fruit.
Yes, Gin
From alcohol importers Habakbuk, and made by French company Spiritique, comes Yu Gin – a new kind of gin inspired by Japanese heritage and traditions. Inspired by great chefs such as Thierry Marks, Philippe Conticini and Pierre Hermé, the star botanicals in Yu Gin are yuzu and Sichuan pepper, accompanied by coriander and juniper.
It’s fresh and refreshing, great in cocktails and perfectly accompanies modern cuisine and small, light dishes. The ornate bottle is very pretty with modern curving lines and a wooden stopper. At 43% ABV (or 86 proof), I say add a splash of tonic water and a slice of lemon or lime and you’ll get your perfect afternoon drink for the summer. Get a 700-ml. bottle in a gift box with a professional shaker. NIS 159.
Make your own Acai bowl
Ready in just a few minutes, Acai Bowl is filled with acai berry puree, fruit and your favorite toppings. Now with imported frozen acai, it is even easier to make your very own Acai Bowl at home and enjoy a powerhouse of fiber, antioxidants and healthy fats, just like in a health-food restaurant.
Acai is a species of palm tree that grows in the Amazon of Brazil. It is cultivated for its fruit, hearts of palm, leaves and trunk wood. Acai berries are considered a superfood, with benefits ranging from improved skin appearance to weight loss. The berries are deep purple in color and the flavor, a mix of chocolate and dark berries.
Imported to Israel by Paskovich, the acai berries are frozen and ready to be used in a bowl or a smoothie. I love it. NIS 39.90 for 400 grams (divided into four 100-gram disks). Kosher parve. Available in some supermarkets and online at
Golden solutions
L’Oreal Professionnel for professional hair treatments has launched a new line of products in golden-colored containers for summer, especially created for treating hair damaged by the sun, seawater and pool water. The collection – Absolute Repair Gold – has a brand-new formula that includes golden quinoa and wheat protein, to treat hair fibers from within, yet keep hair light and soft.
There are five products in the collection: Shampoo for damaged hair (NIS 140 for 500 ml.); Mask – rich and creamy, this mask will renew hair instantly leaving it soft and shiny (NIS 209 for 500 ml.); Gold Mask – a light mask with gel texture and professional formula that leaves hair light and very shiny (NIS 209 for 500 ml.); wheat oil no-rinse serum for deep nourishment (NIS 120 for 50 ml.); and hair spray “10-in-1” for damaged hair that provides nourishment, repair, softness and lightness, and untangles knots, reduces split ends, primes hair before blow-drying and more. (NIS 101 for 190 ml.) Available in hair salons. Call 1-800-301-666
Pretty protective
French dermo-cosmetic company La Roche-Posay expanded the Anthelios line of sunscreens, introducing two new products for this summer – Anthelios Fluid white and Anthelios Fluid with a tint. Both are marked SPF 50+ and provide excellent protection against both UVA and UVB radiation.
The texture is light and smooth, not making skin sticky as other screens do. Use before going out and renew every two hours or after swimming. (NIS 99 for 50 ml.) Available in pharmacies both private and Kupat Holim. For more information go or call (09) 773-5556.
Clever dispenser
One of my favorite cosmetic companies is New York-based Kiehl’s. Regularly launching innovative products, their cosmetics, as well as the packaging and overall brand, are as sophisticated as the city of their birth.
Kiehl’s new Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream is yet another success. The cream combines New Zealand Manuka honey and Korean red ginseng, both considered very potent in renewing skin texture and improving elasticity and a healthy looking glow. The jar has a rubber inner cap that protects the sensitive cream, keeping it fresh longer while allowing the user to dispense only the needed amount by sliding the finger over the top. Magic. (NIS 205 for 100 ml.) Try it in one of the brand’s shops in shopping malls around the country.
Carmel has launched a new addition to their fun Buzz sparkling wines, this time with a peach flavor. The light fruity wine is perfect for summer gatherings. Sparkling Buzz is made from white grapes and touches of peach concentrate, and has low alcohol content (5.5%). Serve very cold. NIS 30.
Sugar-free bran flakes
New from Telma: Bran flakes in two flavors – vanilla and honey. Both contain whole wheat as well as bran, with artificial sweeteners and no added sugar. If you like the sweet flavor but can do without the added calories, try it. Great with milk or yogurt but also as a snack between meals.
Fit for a snack
Fitness, the rice-cakes and snacks brand has added a new Fitness snack that I love. The new snack is made from rice and legumes such as lentils or green peas, as well as sea salt and other seasonings. The two new flavors – both my new favorites – are chock-full-of-nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and contain at least 25% legumes – black lentils and peas, as well as corn, beetroot and whole cereals. Each small rice cake is only six calories, so even if you finish the pack (60 grams) it doesn’t amount to much.
From the inside-out
Collagen Plus, known for their nutritional supplement, launched a new cosmetics line enriched with active ingredients and collagen, under the slogan 360 degrees Holistic Pampering. According to company, using both the supplement and cosmetics will enhance the effect and boost the treatment.
Among the products in the line: clearing foaming gel, lifting rich day cream, nourishing night cream, rich serum with hyaluronic acid and collagen, rich mask and eye cream. According to women who have been using the products as well as the supplements, the effect is impressive and very noticeable.
Priced from NIS 99 to NIS 275. For more information and purchase online go to
New side dishes
Domino’s Pizza continues its quest for fresh foodstuffs, adding new dishes such as cheesy rolls, chicken bites, Vietnamese-barbecue wings and cinnamon bites. The pizza chain has also added new dressings and garlic bread. We tried the cheesy rolls, which were great as a snack; the fried chicken bites with a few of the dressings, of which the simple ketchup was the best; and the Vietnamese wings, which were delicious.
The new “dessert” cinnamon bread comes with vanilla icing but we ate it the next day with our morning coffee. There are also vegan options such as “cheesy” rolls and garlic bread. The chain has a special introductory offer that includes one family-size pizza and two side dishes or desserts for NIS 85, or NIS 79.90 If you order online within the next two weeks.
Don’t look tired
Dark circles under the eyes are something you either have or you don’t. However, if you have this tendency, people will not leave you alone and will let you know you look tired or are not eating well.
To avoid them, one learns to apply concealer. But not all concealers provide the right coverage, and some just add grayness to the face. The secret is in finding the right shade for you and the right product, of course. I found that Maybelline’s Super-Stay Concealer does the job and is reasonably priced. The new formula provides excellent coverage even with a very thin layer and completely covers dark circles, staying fresh for many hours. Despite it being a long-wear product, the texture is soft and creamy, and application is easy. Use the brush provided for best results. NIS 40.
Absolutely colorful
Every year, in time for the Gay Pride Parade, Absolut Vodka launches a new rainbow bottle. This year the parade was canceled due to COVID-19, but the special edition is available nonetheless, promoting ideas such as solidarity, love, equality and inclusiveness, all inspired by the six-color flag, designed as colorful brushstrokes. As part of the brand’s support of the LGBTQ movement, this year they are launching a special project offering professional courses to help community members access better employment. NIS 64.90 for 700 ml. and NIS 89.90 for a liter.