Google Maps introduces Jerusalem bike routes feature

In Jerusalem, there are a little more than 100 kilometers of open bike paths to explore, all regulated.

Picture of Google's new bicycle navigation service displaying a Jerusalem route (photo credit: GOOGLE)
Picture of Google's new bicycle navigation service displaying a Jerusalem route
(photo credit: GOOGLE)
Google launched the bicycle navigation feature of Google Maps in Jerusalem and other cities, the municipality announced Monday.
The application includes information on bike sharing, route topography and bicycle paths in the city.
The availability of the Google service in the Jerusalem area was announced early last week by the Jerusalem Municipality in conjunction with the Transportation Ministry.
The project is a part of the “Jerusalem Transportation Master Plan,” a network of 123 kilometers of bike paths that will be added to the existing 100 kilometers in the city.
“The amount of Jerusalem adult cyclists who use bicycles more than once a week is estimated at around 20,000 riders,” said Amatzia Bloch, director of the city’s innovation and business development administration.
“The Jerusalem Municipality invests heavily in the development of additional paths as part of the transportation master plan, which puts the focus on the bike paths.”
Google’s new service uses an algorithm to match users with the best possible routes available for residents and visitors to get to their destination on two wheels. The application uses previously formulated routes and data gained from prior riders using these same routes, giving them information about slope and incline, possible dangers as well as available route alternatives.
With Jerusalem being a generally mountainous, hilly and overall congested area, the information one can gather from the Google service on traffic, and the ups and downs of the city will not lack in usefulness.
“[The] Jerusalem Municipality aims to make information more accessible to residents,” said Ethan Ferrous, director of business development and technology for the municipality.
“To do this, we initiated collaborations with some of the best leading companies in the world. The Google navigation service for bicycles is an excellent tool for promoting alternative transportation in the city and allows for safe and comfortable riding. We welcome and are proud of the cooperation with Google for the benefit of residents and visitors.”