Gov't launches senior citizen employment program with Maof and Tigbur

The 'Seniors in the workplace' program is meant to encourage senior citizens to join the workforce and help them in the employment process.

Jobs in Newspaper  (photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
Jobs in Newspaper
(photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)

The Social Equality Ministry signed a new deal with two companies on Tuesday as part of a national plan to bring more senior citizens into the workforce, Walla reported.

The two companies, Maof and Tigbur, will help kick off the new project, nicknamed "Seniors in the workplace."

Part of the project will focus on a placement plan which will help improve the quality of the hiring process for senior citizens. The plan will aim to change the social perceptions of senior citizens in the workforce and find them practical solutions in the job market.

As part of the project, approximately 500 people were placed in the workforce in 2020. Now that Maof and Tigbur have joined the program, the goal has grown to 3,000 in 2022 with an expected 10% increase every year following.

Are we adequetly caring for our senior citizens? (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)Are we adequetly caring for our senior citizens? (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)

Together, the two companies will create a website for people over the age of 60 to search for jobs, set up employment centers that will support the users, help them write CVs, train them, work to enlist more employers to the program and work to eliminate other obstacles standing in their way.