Haredi activist to run in Labor elections

"I speak for the new haredi,"

Haredi activist to run in Labour elections, January 3, 2019 (Courtesy)
Haredi activist Michal Chernovitzki, who leads the Haredi group within Labor, announced on Thursday she will run in the party's elections for a seat in Knesset.
"I speak for the new haredi," she said, "tens of thousands of haredi men and women who no longer vote without thinking to Haredi parties. They want change."
Czernowitzki is a veteran social activist in the ultra-Orthodox society and has recently been involved in leading the Haredi parents' struggle to establish a stream of ultra-Orthodox education that includes the core curriculum.
"The time has come to start thinking in a value-based and non-sectoral way,' Czernowitzki called on Labor members to support her. "And it's time we broke our conventions with one another."