Head of WIZO World Organization: For women, against violence

Prof. Rivka Lazovsky calls on government to work to eradicate violence, prevent domestic murder: ‘How can we continue to live like this?’

RIVKA LAZOVSKY visits a WIZO day-care center on the first day of school (photo credit: KFIR SIVAN)
RIVKA LAZOVSKY visits a WIZO day-care center on the first day of school
(photo credit: KFIR SIVAN)
Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, chairwoman of the World WIZO organization, called on the Israeli government, during the Maariv Leaders Conference, to work to eradicate domestic violence.
“Today is a very sad day,” she said. “Another woman was murdered, two women were murdered in one week, 21 women were murdered this year. How can we continue to live like this? There is a whole society issue here. The blood continues to spill. Women pay prices for all sorts of irrelevant things. Children see their mothers killed. We are raising a generation of children with traumas. How can it be that the progressive, democratic State of Israel, that contributes so much to the world, continues to tolerate it?” “I call on the government today to implement the plan that declares war on violence against women, which was approved in 2017 with a budget of 250 million shekels in five years. Meanwhile, women continue to be murdered. Prevention is far more important than treatment. If we deal with prevention, we will not have to deal with treatment. The main prevention is education. At WIZO, we began a pilot in our day-care network. We started a violence-free education for children, aged two to three,” she continued.
Lazovsky also called on the government to regulate a comprehensive early childhood policy that will provide education from birth, and stressed the importance of equal opportunity for education.
Later on the same day, the proposed Supervision of Day Care bill was approved for second and third readings by the Committee on the Rights of the Child, and is expected to go to the plenum next week.