Group: Blood donors to get 2nd chance

For those who missed Tuesday's tests, a second chance at donating will be presented.

Magen David Adom blood drive.  (photo credit: MAGEN DAVID ADOM)
Magen David Adom blood drive.
(photo credit: MAGEN DAVID ADOM)
People who missed having their blood tested Tuesday for inclusion in Zichron Menachem’s new blood component bank for children with cancer will have a second chance next week.
The voluntary organization and Magen David Adom are asking healthy people to come for their thrombocytes to be tested.
During chemotherapy, some patients suffer from thrombocytopenia – a very low level of platelets, which causes the blood to clot and plug damaged blood vessels; without them, they can suffer from hemorrhaging.
Cancer patients with a low platelet level may receive a transfusion of platelet cells. But when transfused, the platelets only last about three days, and some patients may need multiple transfusions.
The number of potential donors is small, and at present, parents of children who are cancer patients have to run about to find suitable donors when time is at a premium.
On Tuesday, the two organizations held a drive to test people’s blood. On Monday, January 19, a similar drive will be conducted at the Bayit Vegan Guest House at 8 Hapisga Street (opposite Mount Herzl) between 2 and 10 p.m.
A single unit of thrombocytes has to be collected separately from five wholeblood donations. But as antibodies may attack the thrombocytes, a multiple donation can cause problems because it comes from people with different antibodies and if not compatible can cause serious side effects. This makes the blood bank very small, and in any case, they last for only a short time.