Hodesh Iyar: a second chance to heal

Issachar’s flag had a sun and a moon drawn upon it, as he is associated with the “counting month” of Iyar, each day of which is contained within the Counting of the Omer period.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
Hodesh Iyar (May 5-June 3) is associated with the constellation of Taurus, the planet Venus (Noga), the gallbladder in the human body, the left nostril of the human head, the Hebrew letter vav, and the tribe of Issachar. I Chronicles 12:33 describes “The sons of Issachar who have the wisdom to understand the times [i.e., astronomy and calendars], to know what Israel ought to do.” Issachar’s flag had a sun and a moon drawn upon it, as he is associated with the “counting month” of Iyar, each day of which is contained within the Counting of the Omer period.
Issachar’s spiritual gift of discerning the times and the seasons activates the healing powers of this special month, hinted at by the Hebrew letters spelling Iyar (אייר), an acronym for “I am God your Healer” (אני י י רפאך). The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in Taurus opposite the full “blue” moon in Scorpio May 18 occurs on “Second Passover,” symbolic of second chances. This celestial configuration demonstrates that “a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver” (Proverbs 25:11), empowering us to both speak and hear healing words of patience, understanding and forgiveness, one to another, at precisely the right time. Second chances are opportunities for healing and restoration.
Iyar also brings Lag Ba’omer, the 33rd day of the Counting of the Omer, commemorating the cessation of the great plague caused by lack of respect between Rabbi Akiva’s students, killing many of them. The Moon’s occultation of both Saturn and Pluto on Lag Ba’omer constitutes mini-eclipses, symbolizing the darkness that disrespect between Jews creates in this world.
Let us take Iyar up on its promise: “I am God your Healer” offers second chances, healing from the wounds of mutual disrespect, restoration and wholeness to the entire community of Israel!
Venus (Noga) in Aries through May 15 revitalizes a moribund romance. After the 15th, when ruling planet Mars (Ma’adim) enters Cancer there is tension around issues of trust and emotional security. Are resources truly as thin as you fear they might be, or is the feeling of scarcity the result of a close examination of your personal emotional and financial situation? A more realistic definition of abundance can be discerned by the light of the full “blue” moon in Mars-ruled Scorpio on May 18. Adjust your expectations and disempower your fears, based on revelations gleaned from this celestial reality check.
Sun in Taurus through May 20 is joined by ruling planet Venus (Noga) May 15, which would be a recipe for languid pleasure and peaceful repose – except for Uranus conjunct Venus in Taurus opposite the full “blue” moon in Scorpio on May 18. Prepare for shocking, unexpected, “out of the blue” lightning-bolt passions to hit you upside the head or below the belt. You may not realize the far-reaching impact of these events until May 30-June 1. If your world is rocked, remember the stability you seek isn’t external. Resist the misconception that “enough” is an ever-moving target.


With energetic Mars (Ma’adim) in Gemini through May 15 and the Sun and ruling planet Mercury (Kochav) entering Gemini May 21, you’re engaged in the process of personal growth and development now. Mental stimulation around material world issues is happening at a very high speed this month. Look for a data download on a topic close to your heart and possibly even closer to your wallet May 5-7. Choices may be clouded by distorted perceptions May 29-30. Delay decision-making until you’re able to integrate new information which will empower important intention-setting during the New Moon in Gemini June 3.
The moon in moon-ruled Cancer May 8-9 opens doors to emotional communication which may have been shut for some time, empowering you to speak necessary but uncomfortable truth with love to close confidantes. Saturn (Shabbtai), Pluto, and the South Lunar Node in solar opposite Capricorn highlight the borders of your comfort zone, not so that you may stay safely within them, but as an indicator of where you must expand from in order to progress. As the crab’s shell enlarges to protect its soft, vulnerable body within, so, too, your self-protective covering must expand to allow growth and development.
The first quarter moon in Leo squaring Mercury and Uranus in Taurus May 10-11 ignites your interest in a new leadership style and gets you thinking outside the box you’re already comfortable in. It’s not hard to summon the humility needed to learn new things, when you know increased knowledge will bring an exponential increase in respect. “New” isn’t always synonymous with “improved,” but the effort you exert upgrading your already prodigious skill set will truly yield spectacular results – your favorite kind, as your extreme competence is best displayed on the public stage to a wide-ranging audience. Cue applause!


Ruling planet Mercury (Kochav) moves into fellow Earth-sign Taurus on May 6, and then into the “other” Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini May 21. The fruit of your hard work ripens and starts to look delicious May 12-13. You’ll feel less like you’re flying by the seat of your pants and more like you’re standing on solid ground, when the last quarter moon in solar opposite Pisces illuminates your efforts May 26-27. The waning moon’s light reveals honest effort resulting in a job well done, acknowledged and appreciated by those in a position to support you in future professional endeavors.
Ruling planet Venus (Noga) in the “other” Venus-ruled sign of Taurus through May 15, the Uranus/Venus conjunction May 18, and the Sun and Mercury tag-teaming through Taurus until May 21 creates ultra-harmonious conditions for fresh partnerships and surprisingly swift commitments. Iyar’s healing energy brings balm to emotional wounds you’ve suffered, which may have even resulted in a physical manifestation such as illness, heaven forbid. Strengthen your emotional immune system by exposing it to living examples of healthy relationships, so that when the toxic ones come along, you’re able to identify them as potentially poisonous before they make you sick.
The full “blue” moon in Scorpio on May 18 opposite the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Taurus perfectly position you to experience the “mine” vs “ours” dynamic in your personal relationships. It’s not just a simple matter of sharing toys or playing well with others; it’s a fundamental battle between your need for personal power and control vs how much of that you are willing to cede to the significant other. You may feel stretched to the breaking point, but you won’t break – you’ll bend, with your integrity intact, without destroying your prime directive, which is personal autonomy.
Mars (Ma’adim) opposite planetary ruler Jupiter (Tzedek) in retrograde Sagittarius May 5: The Terms and Conditions of your contract with “success” are up for review. It’s time to read the fine print and rewrite portions of the contract that don’t pay off. Indignation at feeling undervalued hits home May 19-22, prompting you to reexamine whether your personal and working relationships are worthy of your precious time and attention. Situations in which your worth is unacknowledged or tepidly nodded at need to be rectified and, if recognition and respect can’t be upgraded, subsequently abandoned for greener pastures, without looking back.
Saturn (Shabbtai), Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn are opposed by Mars (Ma’adim) from May 15 through June 30. Dynamic tension between action you feel compelled to take to ensure emotional equanimity vs environmental security create a literal clash of the Titans in your head. Pragmatism and possessiveness compete for ascendancy, and neither can win, until you realize nothing external can make you feel safe enough, unless you feel safe on the inside. Reality check May 21-22 quells unspoken fears, and taking well-planned, positive, concrete steps builds assurance that you’ve fulfilled your obligations and are free to move forward.
Get ready for the river of multifaceted creativity about to flood your life when the Sun and Mercury (Kochav) enter Gemini May 21! It’s not that you’re good at one thing – you’re good at so many things you can’t pick only one to concentrate on! Surprising secrets are suddenly exposed during the full “blue” moon in Scorpio May 18. Uranus (Oron), the modern ruler of Aquarius, challenges you to overcome preconceived notions which make powerful potions for stirring up strife. Rising to that challenge produces a perfect storm of creative energy and intellectual curiosity, in which genius is conceived.
Classical ruler Jupiter (Tzedek) and modern ruler Neptune (Rahav) spend May moving toward a tight square in mid-June. You’ll feel the increasing pressure between aspiration and imagination, prompting you to take somewhat calculated risks both professionally and personally. The risk-reward ratio is on your side! Strong choices create momentum, which builds exponentially after the 15th, though you may need to destroy and rebuild part of your dream during the full “blue” moon in sensitive Scorpio on May 18. The rebuild should yield a firmer foundation, building confidence you’ll need next month, when your improvements are put to the test.
The writer, an author and multimedia communicator, began her career as a professional astrologer in the 1980s. She holds a BA in journalism from San Francisco State University and an MA in Jewish studies from Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union, where her thesis topic was astrology in Jewish cultural history. Find more of her work at astrolojew.com

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