Identity released of man who burned nurse to death

When questioned, the suspect told police that he admitted to setting Karero on fire, but did not mean to kill her.

Tova Karero (photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Tova Karero
(photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Asher Farage, 78-year-old resident of Holon, has been named as the assailant who burned nurse Tova Karero to death Tuesday, according to Channel 2. Farage's lawyer requested that he be sent for medical evaluation in a clinic not connected to Clalit (where the victim was employed) to avoid creating a conflict of interest. However, the request was rejected as it "attacks the integrity of Clalit medical teams." Farage's arrest has been extended by 8 days. Farage is a Holocaust survivor known to be mentally ill.
Farage, whom police said was "apparently not satisfied" with his treatment, doused Karero in flammable liquid that he'd brought with him and lit her on fire. He then fled by car and was soon apprehended. When questioned, he told police that he admitted to setting Karero on fire, but did not mean to kill her.
A woman named Dorit who witnessed the shocking event told Army Radio: “The door to Room 6 opened and suddenly I see a bottle on fire – a plastic juice bottle that was thrown into the room. All of a sudden there was black smoke and boom-like explosions.”
Scene outside clinic in Holon where woman was allegedly set on fire on March 14, 2017 (credit: MAGEN DAVID ADOM)
MDA medic Ofer Paranteki told reporters that, after the resulting fire at the clinic was extinguished, they found Karero’s lifeless body amid the smoke.
Strikes were held on Tuesday at all Clalit clinics in the Tel Aviv area in solidarity with health workers who work to serve patients and their families around Israel.
Eliyahu Kamisher and Judy Siegal-Itzkovich contributed to this report.