IDF simulates Hezbollah attack in northern Israel

The army believes that drills must be carried out in order to prevent war.

DF surprise drill in northern Israel (IDF)
Thousands of soldiers took part in a surprise drill in the North on Sunday, simulating an attack by Hezbollah terrorists.
The exercise saw the army’s new commando brigade as well as special forces mobilize from across several sectors within a short period of time. Training included transitioning between routine security missions and emergency scenarios.
According to a senior IDF officer, there was an emphasis on increasing the number of regular forces in a significant manner in the shortest time possible.
“In order to prevent war, the IDF’s preparedness must be strengthened, and that is why we carry out drills like these,” said IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, who was on site.
A senior IDF officer said that the drill, which was planned in advance, was successful and that lessons learned from mistakes made during the exercise would be studied.
The army recently began constructing a new training compound in northern Israel where troops will be able to simulate combat situations involving enemies such as Hezbollah.
The Snir training compound in the Golan Heights is expected to include electronic and live firing ranges, an advanced urban warfare facility, and an underground facility for soldiers from the Infantry, Engineering and Armored Corps to train in close quarters and tunnel warfare, as well as in driving various heavy armored vehicles such as tanks in mock Lebanese villages.
The facility is being built as part of the IDF’s new “Aviv” multiyear work plan, along with five other advanced training centers across the country, at an expected cost of over NIS 1.3 billion.
The army hopes to complete construction on Snir by the end of next year.