IDF to try out new combat uniforms

Month-long trial to examine functionality and comfort of new uniform.

The new IDF uniforms  (photo credit: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT)
The new IDF uniforms
(photo credit: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT)
The IDF will be testing a new version of combat uniforms in the coming weeks in a monthlong trial led by the military’s Technology and Logistics division and the Ground Forces division.
“The decision on the trial stems from a desire to improve the comfort, visibility and representativeness of IDF soldiers and commanders in regular and reserve service,” the military said.
Some 330 soldiers from Paratroopers, Bardelas Battalion, Lions of the Jordan Valley Battalion, Air Defense, Home Front Command, 8200 from the intelligence directorate and others will wear the tigerstriped uniform in a variety of activities and functions.
Each participating soldier will receive two sets of tigerstriped uniforms which they will wear only while with their units.
New IDF trial uniforms (Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
New IDF trial uniforms (Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
According to the IDF, the trial will examine two shirt cuts, three camouflage pattern variants, and a uniform trouser frame including a built-in elastic waist.
Characterized by an improved operational and more presentable cut, the uniform will be made of fabrics manufactured using advanced technologies to reduce their infrared signature and for breathing and evaporation.
Comfortable, airy, lighter and more durable over time, the uniform will have features that allow troops to work in places where an anti-static safety standard is required.
“This is an opportunity to improve the quality of the IDF combat uniform by adapting to operational needs and using new and advanced technological capabilities from the world of textiles,” the IDF said.
The uniform will also have the soldier’s rank, unit insignia and warrior’s patch.
The trial will examine the comfort of the uniform’s cut, functionality, suitability for various activities as well as pocket location, size, and level of necessity.
“The final decision regarding acquiring these uniforms for the IDF will be made after the trial is carried out, at the end of which conclusions will be drawn,” the IDF said.
The IDF has begun revamping the uniforms and gear of regular combat soldiers at a significant cost in order for them to be more convenient for infantry soldiers on the battlefield.
In February, the IDF announced that troops in elite units will be receiving new combat uniforms specialized to each soldier’s unique combat equipment characteristics and will have a rigid, fireproof and sweat-proof fabric.
The new uniforms, which are lightweight and more durable in harsh terrain, will be given to combat soldiers for operational missions and not for training or routine operations.
Infantry soldiers will also be equipped with new modern tactical vests with an attachable backpack, a helmet which gives better protection as well as shape-camouflaging helmet cover, knee guards that bend according to the movement of the soldier and a headlamp designed for urban and tunnel warfare.
Changes are also being made to the equipment of female combat soldiers, such as replacing the heavy Tavor assault rifles with the lighter M-16 rifles, smaller kneepads, helmets and armored vests which fit the bodies of women better.