Indictment filed against suspects in gang rape of 16-year-old

As a result of the alleged violent and cruel actions of the five defendants, the minor required medical treatment.

Israel police car (Illustrative) (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)
Israel police car (Illustrative)
An indictment was filed on Monday morning in the Haifa District Court against five men who are accused of the gang rape of a disabled 16-year-old girl in Galilee.
The indictment was filed at the end of an investigation by a special team set up by the police in Karmiel. The defendants are Rashad Nasser (27), Muhammad Nasser (23), Tamer Nasser (32) and Udi Nasser (27) from the village of Rameh, and Maher Badran, 23, from Bi’ina.
The indictment, filed by prosecutor Ilana Ficus-Roitblatt, attributes to defendants Rashad, Muhammad, Tamer and Maher a series of serious sexual offenses committed against the minor. The defendant Udi is charged with serious sexual offenses against the same minor, which were committed shortly afterward.
As a result of the violent actions of the five defendants, the minor suffered serious injuries and required medical treatment. Rashad is also charged with possession of drugs for personal consumption.
Earlier this month, police arrested two suspects following a complaint filed on suspicion of rape and sexual offenses against a minor. The investigation team appointed investigators and child investigators, with the aim of reaching the truth as quickly as possible while protecting the victim.
It became clear to investigators from initial details about the incident that the minor was taken from her home by a suspect in his vehicle to the village area near Karmiel, where she was allegedly raped for hours by several suspects.
“During complex and rapid investigative operations, using advanced technological means, the investigators were able within a few days to identify the two suspects involved in the gang rape,” police said.
The prosecution requested the continued detention of the defendants until the end of the legal proceedings against them, in view of the high level of danger posed by their actions.
“Until the State of Israel stops closing its eyes and recognizes that the daily sexual assaults on our daughters by Arabs are terrorism for all intents and purposes – and fights them as they fight terrorism – this scourge of the country will only intensify,” said Rabbi Bentzi Gopstein, head of the Lehava organization, which opposes personal relations between Jews and non-Jews. “It is time to end national terrorism in Israel and put an end to the abandonment of our daughters.”