Intel, Google most sought after employers for graduates in Israel

61% of undergraduate students expected to receive a first paycheck of up to NIS 8,000 upon graduation.

Intel’s offices in Petah Tikva: Intel Israel accounts for a fifth of the country’s high-tech exports. (photo credit: REUTERS)
Intel’s offices in Petah Tikva: Intel Israel accounts for a fifth of the country’s high-tech exports.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A majority of students want to work at hi-tech companies upon graduation, according to a BDI-COFACE study released on Monday.
Thirty-one percent of college and university students want to work at hi-tech companies even if they are not studying in the exact sciences. Fifteen percent said they want to work in services, 13% in finance, and 4% in education.
Leading the list of the 50 most sought after firms to work in were Intel, Google and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.
Rounding out the top 10 were Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Elbit Systems, IBM, Bank Leumi, Microsoft Israel, HP and IAI– mostly science-related companies.
As for salaries, 61% of undergraduates expect to receive a paycheck of less than NIS 8,000 per month upon graduation, while 23% expect a salary of between NIS 8,000 and NIS 10,000. Nine percent expect a salary more than NIS 13,000 per month for their first job out of college.
Undergraduates pursuing degrees in engineering, computer sciences and the exact sciences expect to receive much higher salaries than their fellow students. Some 69% of students in these fields expected to earn a starting salary of above NIS 13,000. In contrast, only 3% of students studying law and 10% of students studying medicine expect that.
Female students pursuing degrees in engineering and computer science expect to earn 6% more than their male counterparts, a starting salary of NIS 10,300 compared to NIS 9,700.
In contrast, male students learning economics and business expect to earn 8% more than their female counterparts, NIS 8,100 as opposed to NIS 7,500.
In education, social welfare and human resources, students of both sexes expect to receive starting salaries of NIS 6,200 to NIS 6,500.
The survey was conducted among 2,200 undergraduate students in universities and academic colleges throughout the country.
BDI-COFACE is a leading business information group in Israel, controlled by Coface, a company working in more than 65 countries to facilitate global business-to-business trade by offering four business lines to fully or partly outsource trade relationship management and to finance and protect their receivables: credit insurance, factoring, ratings and business information and receivables management.