Israel exported 5.66 billion dollars of defense goods in 2014

Asia Pacific was region with most Israeli defense product purchases.

Elbit anti-missle laser (photo credit: ELBIT)
Elbit anti-missle laser
(photo credit: ELBIT)
Israel’s military exports in 2014 were worth some $5.6 billion, the Defense Ministry announced on Thursday, down from $6.5b. in 2013.
According to the ministry’s Defense Export and Cooperation branch, most of the sales involved planes and aerial systems, drones, command and control and communications systems, air defense systems, radars, electronic warfare suites, precision weapons, and advanced protection systems.
The region that bought the highest number of Israeli products last year was Asia Pacific, followed by North America, Latin America, Europe, and Africa.
The ministry said 2014 was “another challenging year for defense industries around the world,” due to a decrease in state defense budgets and in procurement plans within central markets in the US and Europe.
The figures for 2014 reflect those difficulties, the ministry added.
Israeli defense industries, ranked within the top 10 defense exporters in the world, are continuing to invest large sums in technological research and development.
This enables them to continue to churn out cutting-edge products for asymmetric warfare, including precision-guided weapons based on real-time intelligence, that minimize harm