Israel-Indian missile system Barak 8 carries out successful trial in Indian Ocean

"Trial will benefit both the Indian and Israeli navies," CEO of IAI says.

Test of Barak 8 ship defense missile
The Israeli-Indian developed Barak 8 missile system carried out two successful interceptions from an Indian Navy ship over the past day.
Israel Aerospace Industries said the weapons system successfully hit its target and completed a series of three tests that demonstrate its readiness.
Yossi Weiss, CEO of IAI, said the interceptors were fired from the heart of the Indian Ocean from an Indian Navy ship, striking their targets successfully.
Weiss described the trial as a “most impressive technological achievement” that will benefit both the Indian and Israeli navies, both of which are expected to receive the system in a fully operational mode soon.
The Indian ship that was used to fire the interceptors is significantly larger than the Sa’ar 5-type Israel Navy corvette used for a similar recent trial of the Barak 8.
The missile system is designed to protect naval ships and offshore gas rigs from hostile aircraft, missiles and rockets.
The system’s advanced digital phased-array radar, dubbed Barak Adir by the navy, is produced by Israel Aerospace Industries, the primary contractor.
IAI also makes the system’s fire control station, while the interceptor missile is produced by Rafael.
The project has been in joint Israeli and Indian development in recent years, and is officially due to become operational in both navies within one to two years, he said.
In November, Boaz Levi, IAI corporate vice president and general manager of the systems, missiles and space group, said the Barak 8 radar can detect threats at over 100 km., that it could become fully operational in a matter of months.
Once airborne, the missile continues to receive data from the radar system, which predicts the threat’s trajectory, and enables the missile to adjust its own path before destroying the target.
The missile deploys its own electromagnetic sensor as it approaches the target, guiding it on its last phase.
The Barak 8 radar can track multiple targets simultaneously, Levi said, dividing its energy to cover half a sphere around a naval ship.
The system is “already installed on at least one Israel Navy ship, and on an Indian Navy ship,” he said.