Israel offers farmers incentives to harvest early due to kite terror

Farmers were offered cash incentives to reap wheat and barley before July to lower risk of terror attacks.

A fire in Israel caused by "kite terrorism" from Gaza, May 2, 2018 (Credit: Moshavei HaNegev)
The Agriculture and Finance Ministries will provide cash incentives to farmers to harvest crops before July, stated the spokesperson of the Agriculture Ministry on Tuesday.
Farmers with fields near the Gaza border, which are exposed to the Gazan Kite terrorism, will be able to receive up to 2 million NIS to harvest ahead of July, which is the usual date for the wheat and barley harvest.
Gazans have been using burning kites to ignite Israeli fields and property, causing damage to crops,  in what Israelis view as agriculture terrorism.
While no casualties were reported so far, the fires have caused extensive damage.