Israeli co. to supply file storage for US Department of Veterans Affairs

Ctera has won a strategic contract to replace the storage infrastructure at the largest health care organization in the United States

Liran Eshel (photo credit: Aharon Brand)
Liran Eshel
(photo credit: Aharon Brand)

Israeli company Ctera has announced that it has won a tender to supply file storage systems for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, a federal authority that provides health and welfare services for U.S. veterans that employs over 400,000 workers. As part of the tender, which is the flagship project of the federal organization, Peraton, a U.S. company, will provide managed storage services for $497 million, based on Ctera’s file storage and transportation technologies. In addition, the company has announced significant progress in penetrating the federal market over the past year.

Ctera recognized that one of the major challenges facing U.S. government organizations is the difficulty of securely moving large amounts of information to the cloud while safeguarding the organization’s interests in terms of security, functional continuity, availability, and information protection.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will use Ctera’s cloud mobility technologies to transmit sensitive files, including medical information and other files, totaling tens of petabytes to Amazon’s secure cloud. By consolidating the file storage systems from over 300 different sites and uploading all the information to a unified cloud, the Department intends to achieve improved levels of availability and security and allow a complete picture of all the existing information for the first time in the organization.

In 2019, Ctera obtained the highest security certificate from the U.S. Department of Defense (DISA APL). This achievement has led in the past year to the signing of significant agreements between Ctera and the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Air Force, the Navy, and other government agencies.

“Many government organizations today are interested in modernizing their data infrastructures. To this end, we have developed tools that offer efficient and reliable transmission of information to the cloud, with special compliance with the standards and special requirements of the federal market, especially in the field of security, “said Liran Eshel, founder and CEO of Ctera. “The federal market is not easy to crack, but it offers enormous opportunities for Israeli companies with the necessary patience.”