Israeli startup Agora secures funding, will expand to US

Tel-Aviv based Agora helps real estate companies manage their investments.

From R to L: Lior Dolinski, Bar Mor, and Noam Kahan of Agora. (photo credit: YARIN TARANOS)
From R to L: Lior Dolinski, Bar Mor, and Noam Kahan of Agora.
(photo credit: YARIN TARANOS)
Israeli startup Agora secured NIS 3 million in funding, which they will direct towards further developing their program in managing private real estate investment.
The funds will also be used to expand their operations and services to the United States.
Their investors include Datorma founders Ran Sarig and Efi Cohen, TEAM8's CEO Sarit Firon, StoreDot CEO Doron Myerdorf, Mor Group's Hanan Mor, and Fusion LA.
Headed by CEO Bar Mor, product manager Lior Dolinski, and development manager Noam Kahan, Agora aims to aid companies raise and retain their funds.
The program they've developed centers around a platform designed to manage private real estate investments. Outdated organizational methods pose a challenge to the efficiency of these companies, which this program hopes to ease by streamlining financial calculations, and providing both the companies and investors with access to all the data.
Goldman Investment and Realya Group have already begun using Agora's program.
Agora joins other real estate startups in the pursuit of aiding companies through participating in the first cycle of the Proptech Zone Startup Accelerator, which pairs entrepreneurs with experienced mentors, propelling them further with investors and exposure.
The second round of Proptech Zone is expected to include a more practical phase in the US market, as well as increasing the startups' exposure and program implementation abilities.