Foreign Ministry rejects ‘untruthful allegations’ against ex-envoy to UK

Although the matter remains unclear, the ambassador was reportedly called back after repeated late night visits by guests to his private residence.

Tower Bridge and the River Thames, London (photo credit: REUTERS)
Tower Bridge and the River Thames, London
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Foreign Ministry on Thursday “expressed disgust at the reports that include untruthful allegations” about former ambassador to the UK Daniel Taub, also calling him “one of the finest members of the foreign service.”
On Thursday, The Guardian reported that Taub was returned to Israel after repeated security breaches were reported at his London residence.
According to the report, Israeli officials repeatedly raised the issue with the former envoy after he had several late night visitors.
Ynet reported that the visits were unauthorized and were made without informing the embassy’s security officers.
Taub served four years as ambassador, and, since his return to Israel in the summer, has been mentioned as a candidate for a senior position in the Prime Minister’s Office, or as the Foreign Ministry’s next legal advisor.
The ministry said in response to the reports that “after a thorough investigation by the ministry’s inspector general it was found that there was no criminal or disciplinary wrongdoing, and that the issue related to a breach of security protocol. The issue has been addressed and concluded.”