Israir to cancel flights to Eilat amid coronavirus crisis

Israir CEO Uri Sirkis mentioned that the company will not operate flights to Eilat for as long as international flights are canceled.

Israir (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Israeli aviation company Israir has announced that it will cease operating all flights to the city of Eilat in light of the coronavirus crisis, Globes reported.
In the announcement, Israir CEO Uri Sirkis said that the company will cease all flights to the city within two weeks. Israir is currently the only company that operates flights to Eilat.
Sirkis mentioned that they will not have flights to Eilat for as long as international flights are canceled, saying that there is no point in having local flights without international flights.
The comments were said in light of a protest which will be held on Tuesday, with workers of the aviation industry demanding an outline and benefits plan unique for the industry's special condition.
Eilat Mayor Meir Yizhak said that this action will completely isolate the city from the rest of Israel, and expressed hope that the Finance and Transportation ministries will provide aid to the city.
Residents of Eilat are also concerned over this announcement, saying that now medical help will not be available to them, and that the move puts the city's population in an effective lockdown when it's already on the brink of collapse.
Eilat's economy, which relies heavily on tourism, has been hit hard by the coronavirus.
In May, the government issued an emergency plan to help the city's residents return to the work force. According to the plan, the Employment Service and the municipality will invest in additional training and placement services for job-seekers, placing an emphasis on recruitment, assessments and occupational therapy. A dedicated training center will be established with the support of relevant authorities in the city, with an emphasis on skills required for remote work.