Jerusalem highlights April 16-22: What's new in Israel's capital?

The long, leading straight line, an intimate meeting with singer Shai Tsabari and turning the pages Against the Loveless World

TWOSOME BY Anat Keinan. (photo credit: ANAT KEINAN)
TWOSOME BY Anat Keinan.
(photo credit: ANAT KEINAN)
 MONDAY Zooming Teddy: When Anat Keinan encountered the work of Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges, she was so inspired that she created a unique installation presented last year at the New Gallery Artist’s Studio in Jerusalem. An engine transformed the six-meters long wooden sculpture into a kinetic piece which turned on an axis next to a smooth wooden wall. Titled, The next time I kill you, I promise you, the labyrinth made of the single straight line, which is invisible and everlasting, cemented her status as an interesting artistic voice on the intersection of art and architecture. 
On Monday, April 19, Keinan will discuss this work, as well as others, such as her 2019 Iris and a Hub, with art lovers around the country via Zoom at 8 p.m. Admission is free. The works can be seen on her website.
The eighth Zooming Teddy meeting will take place with Anat Keinan on Monday, April 19, at 8 p.m.
Anat Keinan online:
AGAINST the Loveless World is an award-winning 2020 novel by American-Palestinian author, and BDS supporter, Susan Abulhawa. Those who might be interested in reading her fiction might consider visiting the Educational Bookshop at 19 Salah Eddin Street. Established in 1984, the store offers a variety of books on Palestinian issues in English as well as office supplies, foreign magazines, coffee and tea.
The Educational Bookstore site: Open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Looking for a specific book? E-mail them at [email protected]
TUESDAY Hansen House Unplugged: Singer Shai Tsabari worked with some of the best known people in the music and entertainment business. From ultra-Orthodox actor Shuli Rand, with whom he performed for the 2018 film, The Unorthodox, to kamancheh master Mark Eliyahu and musical producer Assaf Talmudi.
Now Tsabari is inviting the public for a unique intimate show, where he will perform his critically acclaimed music and share the personal histories behind the words.
Tsabari is regarded as one of the more significant performers and innovators of current Mizrahi music. The performance will take place at 9 p.m. patrons must present a Green Passport at the door. This is one concert in a series which includes Age is a Box + Totem, Riff Cohen and others.
Unplugged Hansen concerts take place at 14 Gdalyahu Alon St. Tickets are NIS 66 and purchases must be made online. Doors open at 8:15 p.m. Hansen House:
THURSDAY BLUES in Jerusalem – Eran Sabag loves the blues so much he wrote a doctorate about it. He is also a highly respected radio host with a show, The Lives of Others, which explores blues, radical US history, Jewish thought and many other fascinating issues.
Israel’s answer to Alan Lomax will discuss the blues at 9 p.m. with poet Oded Peled. Peled translated into Hebrew many Beat poets and writers such as Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac.
The free event will be held at Confederation House and hosted by writer Yonatan Berg.
The discussion will be aired live via the Confederation House Zoom and Facebook pages. Link:
HUMAN FRONT is an activist group that collects unwanted food from the markets of Jerusalem, cooks it, and offers it to the needy in the form of hot meals or ready to eat basic groceries. Do you love cooking and are able to join the teamwork on a Thursday afternoon or Friday morning? Are you interested in picking up food donations from restaurants and bakeries? If so please drop them a line at [email protected]
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