Kamionski Family Vloggers Make Aliyah

The Kamionski family is a family of 6 from Los Angeles, California.

Kamionski Family Vloggers Make Aliyah
Vloggers, or video bloggers, Eli and Dina Kamionski have been documenting their aliyah journey through a video web series.
On August 1st, the culmination of their move to Israel began with their flight landing at Ben Gurion Airport.
There, family and Nefesh B'Nefesh representatives greeted them at the welcoming area.
The Kamionskis are a family of 6 from Los Angeles, California. They made Aliyah through Nefesh B'Nefesh, in cooperation with Keren Kayemeth Le’Israel (KKL), Israel’s Ministry of Aliyah & Integration, The Jewish Agency for Israel and JNF-USA.
The family plans on continuing their web series. Looking into Israeli neighborhoods and registering their kids in Israeli schools are topics that will be highlighted in future videos.
"We are going to try every week that we can to go away and spend Shabbat in a different neighborhood," Eli said.
Dina chimed in saying, "we want to find the community for us and we want to let the world know what every community is about: what it looks like on the ground."
Dina continued by stating that their family is like a group of Guinea pigs testing out the aliyah experience.