Kan forced to issue an apology by the Journalism ethics committee

After airing a report regarding the unreliable nature of Kosher certificates, Kan were told to issue and apology due to various inaccuracies found within the report.

"Kan," the new public broadcaster's logo. (photo credit: FACEBOOK)
"Kan," the new public broadcaster's logo.
(photo credit: FACEBOOK)
The Journalism Ethics Committee has forced Kan 11 to publish an apology to the Chief Rabbinate, after they aired a report regarding Kosher certificates for various businesses.
Following broadcasting of the report, a lawsuit was filed on the 18th of October 2017 in the court of journalistic ethics, belonging to the council of journalism, in which the Chief Rabbinate claimed they were never given the ability to properly respond, and that the report contained various inaccuracies.
The court ruled that  Kan 11 did in fact violate various terms of the council's code of ethics, including: not allowing the Chief Rabbinate enough time to watch the report in order to properly formulate a response, and that an interview with the CEO of the Chief Rabbinate was made two months prior to its airing and dealt with a different subject entirely - that being the problem of Kosher soup houses, rather than the problematic situation of kosher meat.
The decision for Kan 11 to make the apology was issed on October 24 with the original template being sent out on September 24. As of this writing, Kan 11 have yet to issue said apology.