Egypt's Revenge: Sandstorm from Sinai disrupts Israel's Passover cleaning

Israelis will not be free of the uncomfortable weather until mid-Sunday afternoon.

Sandstorm hits Israel
Winds and dust delivered themselves unto Israel from Egypt on Sunday morning, leading to high levels of pollution throughout the country and in the north in particular.
"There is a depression over northern Egypt which causes southeast winds that transport dust to our area," Environmental Protection Agency Forecaster Eitan Mazeh told Ynet.
Mazeh clarified that Israel is not close to reaching the warning threshold, and so there is no necessary public guidance.
"We are at levels that are related to high air pollution," Mazeh explained. "There is a health threshold set by the World Health Organization that, once crossed, presents a health hazard. We are not there, as we can see that in a few hours, the haze will pass."
Sadly, winds and sand cannot be exiled, and so they will stay in Israel until mid-Sunday afternoon.