Tzipi Livni: Netanyahu is a danger to Israel

According to Livni, in 2015, Netanyahu’s targets were “Arabs and NGOs,” and now he has added journalists and law enforcement to that list, all of which are “necessary for a democratic society.”

Tzipi Livni slams Netanyahu, January 29, 2019 (Courtesy)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the biggest threats to Israel now, Hatnua leader Tzipi Livni said on Tuesday, presenting her campaign in Tel Aviv.
“The danger Israel is facing is the danger that the prime minister brought upon us, unfortunately,” Livni said, a day after sharing a graphic of Netanyahu’s face on Twitter with the text “democracy’s enemy number one.” Another graphic, labeled “enemies of democracy” included Culture Minister Miri Regev, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, Education Minister Naftali Bennett and coalition chairman David Amsalem (Likud), along with Netanyahu.
“Our battle is no less against the enemies of democracy in Israel,” than it is against enemies physically threatening Israel, Livni said. “Israel is strong enough to face Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran… Together with the physical threats to Israel, there is a threat to Israel’s identity…The struggle to establish a state was for it to be Jewish and democratic.
“Netanyahu and his partners are making Israel into a country that will not be Jewish or democratic.”
Livni argued that in the 2015 election campaign, Netanyahu’s targets were “Arabs and NGOs,” and now he has added journalists and law enforcement to that list, all of which are “necessary for a democratic society.” Through this tactic, “Netanyahu harmed the immune system of Israeli society.”
In response to these dangers, “we don’t need to run to bomb shelters, but we do need to go out and vote,” she said.
Livni also lashed out at Shaked, saying that “Israel cannot allow itself another term with this D9 [bulldozer] driver in the Justice Ministry,” warning that she will spark a “war” between the government and the courts.
“Without courts and an attorney-general, Israel won’t be a democracy,” Livni stated. “And then the Jewish [state] will [become] ultra-nationalist and messianic; then there will be annexation [of the West Bank], which will lead to an Arab majority.”
When it comes to the investigations into alleged corruption by the prime minister, Livni said that “as long as Netanyahu is a suspect, he will not leave any remains of Israeli democracy. As long as this cloud floats above him, he’ll use it.”
As for her own advantages, Livni said that she and her party are “better in security and diplomacy” than the incumbent government.
“I don’t just know how to start wars and operations, I know how to end them with the upper hand,” she posited.
Livni called to “start the separation from the Palestinians before they live among us as an Arab majority, with terrorism in the soft underbelly of Israel.”
She argued that she is tougher than Netanyahu on security, because she opposes any negotiations with Hamas, including the current transfer of Qatari cash into Gaza.
“In those terms, I’m Right and Netanyahu is the most left-wing,” she said, challenging the typical political labels. “And I want to separate from the Palestinians - that’s Left. But I want a Jewish majority - that’s Right…You can call me yellow or purple or Left or Right if you want.”