Lone Soldier surprises his family in Chile while disguised as delivery man

David went through a year and four months of training to become a combat soldier. When he finished, he decided to fly home to surprise his parents whom he hadn't seen for quite some time.

Lone Soldier David Goldswag surprises his family in Chile (Courtesy of the family).
A year and a half had already passed since Sgt. David Goldswag, 22 from Ra'anana, last saw his parents and siblings, who live in Chile. Just last week he finished advanced training to become a combat soldier in the Tanks Patrol Platoon 7.
For the Passover holiday, David decided to surprise his parents in a very unusual visit. After lots of planning and secret-keeping, David knocked on the door to his house, when he was disguised as a man delivering flowers and surprised his mom in an emotional video that has captured the hearts of Israelis.
In an interview with Maariv from Chile, David said that he always felt that he belonged in Israel, even though he was born and raised in South America. "I always felt that my place was in Israel and I am very thankful to be here," He said proudly.
After he finished high school in 2018, David decided to fulfill his dream and move to Israel to enlist in the IDF as part of the "right to serve in the army," which he said was obvious to him. After six months of learning in Ulpan and afterward in the military preparatory program "Bnei David" in Eli, he finally began his training.
David went through a year and four months of training to become a combat soldier in the unit. When he finished, he decided to fly home to visit his parents whom he hadn't seen for quite some time.
"I intended to fly after training and I thought it could be a great idea to surprise my family – and what's better than flowers?" He said. Only David's brother was in on the plan; he kept the secret and made sure to buy the flowers and pick David up from the airport.
"It was really emotional to see the family, we talked so much on the phone in the last while and I'm happy that I finally saw my parents and siblings face to face and caught up," David said in the interview.
In the video from David's reunion with his mother, he can be seen dressed as a delivery man, holding a bouquet of flowers, with the title "delivery from the aunts and uncles in America," in honor of his parent's anniversary. The moment he removed the helmet and revealed himself to his mother was emotional and surprising, he explained, and represents the story of thousands of lone soldiers. 
For the next three weeks, David will spend his vacation in Chile mostly making up for lost time with his family and childhood friends, with the goal of "coming back to Israel recharged." He said that his family and friends are very proud of his decision to enlist in the IDF and they also understand that it's the place for him to be.
In the future, David plans to finish his service, study, and continue to live in Israel, which he calls a "miracle."
David lives in "HaBayit shel Benji– Benji’s house, a dormitory in central Ra'anana founded in memory of Maj. Benji Hillman who was killed in the Lebanese village of Moran a-Ras during the 2006 Lebanon War. It is home for lone combat soldiers from all over the world.
He said that the experience of living there helps him feel at home since there are many others like him that are going through the same challenges. "Military service is very difficult, there's homesickness, and every lone soldier can understand that," he said.
"I am thankful for every day that I am in Israel, we don't have any other place in the world."