Margalit says Herzog should quit race

Peretz: Add voting stations in periphery

MK Herzog
Labor leadership candidate MK Erel Margalit called upon incumbent chairman Isaac Herzog to drop out of the July 4 primary, in a speech to supporters in Haifa.
Margalit, who is one of eight candidates in the race, dropped out of the November 2013 leadership race and endorsed Herzog in his successful bid against MK Shelly Yacimovich.
He told the activists in Haifa on Tuesday night that the current race was between him, MK Amir Peretz, and former environmental protection minister Avi Gabbay.
“I knew to join together with you in the past,” Margalit said. “Now it is your turn. Let us make history together and bring new hope of defeating the inciting government of [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.”
Haifa has more Labor Party members than any other city. Margalit told the activists that they should vote for him rather than the other major candidates, because they all served in cabinets led by Netanyahu.
Herzog will not accept Margalit’s request, though it is possible that candidates will still quit ahead of the contest.
Each candidate has internal poll predicting different outcomes.
Peretz asked the Tel Aviv District Court on Wednesday to add more polling stations in the periphery. He complained that due to the limited number of stations, too many Labor members will have to take off work in order to vote.
“It cannot be that members from agricultural communities, Druse and Arab villages, and from the Central Arava will have to give up work in order to crowd in distant polling stations that are only open for limited hours as if they were unemployed bums,” Peretz said. “The right to vote should be sacred.”
The court case will be heard on Sunday.