Mizpe Hayamim – more than a boutique hotel

The northern guest facility also offers some pretty jaw-dropping views of the Kinneret, the Golan Heights and wide tracts of the Western and Upper Galilee.

The Mizpe Hayamim Hotel (photo credit: STUDIO SLICE)
The Mizpe Hayamim Hotel
(photo credit: STUDIO SLICE)
Hotels come in all shapes, sizes and ambiances, but basically what you want and need is a comfy bed and good food. The Mizpe Hayamim Hotel offers plenty of both and then some, but with a very different spirit.
For starters, Mizpe Hayamim is not your ordinary, common- or-garden hotel chain outlet. Despite being part of the expansive Isrotel network, there is nary a whiff of brand standardization about the place. Mind you, the same could be said of the company’s fabulous Beresheet Hotel overlooking the breathtaking Ramon Crater at Mitzpeh Ramon in the Negev and, come to think of it, many of Isrotel’s amenities.
The northern guest facility also offers some pretty jaw-dropping views of the Kinneret, the Golan Heights and wide tracts of the Western and Upper Galilee, particularly from the strategically placed deck on the third floor.
It also helps to have a delightful spot from which to offer your services. Mizpe Hayamim, which is described as a “boutique hotel,” is located just up the road from Rosh Pina and down the road from Safed. This is clearly not a formulaic hotel, as becomes apparent as soon as you drive betwixt rich foliage and pools with ducks and goldfish.
Trees, bushes and flowers abound, and a sense of tranquility descends upon your weary shoulders after the long journey north. The place simply oozes charm and delightful “otherness.”
The reception staff make you feel welcome from the get go and, throughout our twonights there, we felt the waiters and waitresses, cleaners and other employees did more than just play polite, and that the smiles were genuine. Guy, the head chef, in particular went out of his way to provide for our vegan dietary needs. The cuisine is strictly vegetarian, although not officially kosher – and we certainly did not want for scrumptious victuals.
The room we were given did not disappoint either. The real wooden floorboards and the antique-looking wardrobe – which looked and felt the real McCoy, and probably was – were seamlessly complemented by the lusciously upholstered sofa and armchairs.
The bed was generously proportioned and there was a pervading sense of space that was apparent everywhere you looked, both inside and outside the premises. The old world-style bathtub added to the endearingly fun vibe.
The ground floor seemed to be an endless maze of comfy nooks and crannies, and the grounds outside appeared to be limitless. The latter includes plots used to grow the organic veggies which account for almost all the hotel’s requirements.
You know your salad is always going to be fresh and gets to your plate with zero carbon footprint in true “farm to table” fashion.
The hotel includes 97 guest rooms and suites, embraced by some 150 dunams (37 acres) of fields, orchards, flower gardens, a dairy and a petting zoo.
If taking a stroll around the sprawling grounds isn’t sufficient to slow your pulse and quicken your step, you could always opt for any of a range of massages and other treatments in the hotel spa, preceded or followed by a swim in the indoor pool.
The peace-inducing mindset goes on and on. The pool area also has a Jacuzzi with a view to kill for, a sauna, gym facility and a tennis court.
If you’re looking for a special experience, one that will leave you relaxed, energized and – yes – happy, Mizpe Hayamim is definitely the place.
For more information: (04) 699-4555 and http://www.mizpe-hayamim.co.il/
The writer was a guest of the hotel.