Muslim worshipers still refusing to enter Temple Mount

Jewish Temple Mount activist groups posted pictures of the site completely empty on Monday morning.

Muslim worshipers pray in protest outside of Temple Mount (Jeremy Sharon)
Despite the removal of metal detectors from the entrances to the Temple Mount, Muslim worshipers are still refusing to enter the compound due to the presence of the newly installed smart-cameras at the site.
The worshipers said that they refused to enter the holy place if security cameras and other sensors and security equipment put in place over the last ten days remained in place.
The smart-cameras placed at the Lion’s Gate, the central access point for Muslim worshipers going up to the al-Aksa mosque on the Temple Mount, had been removed, Maariv reported, although security cameras inside the compound remained in place.
A statement by the Wakf, the Muslim religious authority that administers the Temple Mount, said that they would only enter the al-Aksa Mosque "once all manifestations of aggression by the Zionist occupation are removed and the situation returns to what it was like before July 14."
Jewish Temple Mount activist groups posted pictures of the site completely empty on Monday morning during the hours non-Muslims are permitted to visit, in contrast to the large number of Muslims usually present.
On Monday night, the security cabinet issued a statement saying that it had adopted the recommendations of the various security services to remove the metal detectors in favor of the smart-cameras as well as “other measures.”
Until the cameras and other requirements are in place, the numbers of police personnel at the site will be increased in order to ensure the safety of visitors to the Temple Mount.
The cabinet allocated some NIS 100 million for the implementation of the program which will be completed within six months.