Naama Issachar lawyers to hold press conference discussing her situation

The conference will be held by Avi Himi and will focus on the efforts made so far to have her released from Russia.

Naama Issachar (photo credit: MAARIV)
Naama Issachar
(photo credit: MAARIV)
On Monday morning the head of the state prosecution, Attorney Avi Himi will hold a press conference alongside  Naama Issachar’s defense lawyer in Russia, Vadim Klyobgent. 
Himi will present the course of events that led to her being jailed, and will discuss the appeal talking points presented in argument against the sentence she received several weeks ago. 
The press conference will also communicate the efforts made by the Israeli Bar association to have Naama released from prison.
Lawyers Alex Zarnpolenski and Alexei Kovlenko, who mediated between the Russian Bar association and the Issachar family and its representatives from the Russian law firm the Paper&Pen office, will also attend the conference. The two will explain how the Israeli and Russian bars plan to work in conjunction with human rights organizations in order to bring about Naama’s release. 
Naama Issachar was sentenced to approximately seven years in Russian prison for smuggling a small amount of cannabis in her luggage. Her lawyers argued that the drug was in her luggage and being transferred between two planes: the one in which she landed in Moscow from India and the departing one meant to take her to Israel. 
Issachar was arrested and sentenced for drug dealing, despite the fact she was unable to reach the cannabis or sell it to anyone since she was in the terminal, waiting for her flight home. 
The press conference will be held in on Monday the 9th of December at 16:30 local Israel time.