WATCH: Nameste Modi, Shalom Bibi

Moments before the historic visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked a few Indian citizens who live in Israel to share their experiences.

Netanyahu and Modi (photo credit: REUTERS)
Netanyahu and Modi
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The upcoming visit of the Indian Prime Minister brings into new focus the vibrant relationship between India and Israel.
Around 10,000 Indians are now working or studying in Israel in various capacities, with 9,000 of them working in the care-giving sector.
Now the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers you a chance to meet some of them and hear what they think of Israelis and what the future might hold.
Many young Israelis travel to India, often after they complete their mandatory military service, and this experience has led to Indian restaurants such as “24 Rupee” (Tel Aviv) and "Little India" (Beersheba) to offer a little more of the Indian experience to backpackers who have returned and home-put Israelis who love India.
But Israeli-India relations do not end with backpacking and delicious food! Israel has vibrant Indian-born Jewish communities such as the Cochin Jews; the Bene Israel; the Baghdadi Jews of Bombay and Calcutta; and the Bnei Menashe. Indian Prime Minister Modi had made it his habit to meet members of the Indian diaspora whenever he travels in a country with a substantial Indian community, believing that such communities can serve as a powerful bridge between countries.  
As relations between Israel and India increase in scope, common points of interests reveal themselves. Both countries have strong national security interests, an economy that is focused on innovation and Hi-Tech, and a strong commitment to democratic values in regions not known to embrace such concepts.
In addition, Jewish-Indian relations are as strong as ever, as evident by an Indian group of Birthright program participants who recently dazzled Jerusalem with Bollywood street dancing.