Netanyahu on Pollard release: May this Shabbat bring him peace, quiet that will continue

PM says he waited for the moment of Israeli spy's release.

Netanyahu statement on Pollard release
The nation of Israel praises the release of Jonathan Pollard, Prime Minister Benjamin said on Friday following the Israeli spy's release from US custody after thirty years.
"As someone who has raised his issue [Pollard's release] for many years with US presidents, I have waited for this," the prime minister said.
Jonathan Pollard freed from prison after 30 years
"After thirty long and hard years, Jonathan is finally reuniting with his family. I wish Jonathan that this Shabbat will bring him happiness and quiet that will continue into his future," Netanyahu said. 
Pollard was released from the federal prison in Butner, North Carolina, after serving a life sentence for passing classified information to an ally.
Pollard was, not set free, so he still has to check in regularly with a parole officer for a year and can be returned to prison for poor behavior. He is not permitted to leave the United States for five years, to give interviews or to go online, amid other conditions that are expected to be revealed Friday.