Netanyahu to Putin: We need to stand up to murderous ideologies in time

"We, in Israel, do not forget even for a moment, the great sacrifice made by the Russian people," said Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends Moscow Victory Day Parade alongside President Vladimir Putin (REUTERS)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compared the threat from Iran to the Holocaust during a meeting Wednesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.
In his opening remarks, Netanyahu issued a reminder not to forget "the need to stand against a murderous ideology in time."
"It is unbelievable," he said, "but 73 years after the Holocaust, there is a country in the Middle East, Iran, that is calling for the destruction of another six million Jews."
Netanyahu also thanked Putin for Russia's sacrifice in defeating the Nazis, adding that the Russian celebrations of Victory Day over Nazi Germany were deeply moving.
Both leaders attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in memory of soldiers of the Red Army who fell in the Second World War whose burial place is unknown following an honor parade.
"We, in Israel, do not forget even for a moment the great sacrifice made by the Russian people, nor the sacrifices made by the Red Army to defeat the Nazi monstrosity," said Netanyahu. 
Netanyahu said he greatly values the opportunity to discuss regional issues with the Russian leader, and hopes any regional  threats will be removed in a responsible manner.