Netanyahu wins Wikipedia, No. 1 search in 2019

According to Hebrew Wikipedia, Netanyahu is the leading term users searched for using the online resource.

Wikipedia logo (photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
Wikipedia logo
(photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the number one item Hebrew Wikipedia users search for, ahead of the State of Israel and even the Marvel Universe, a press release on behalf of Wikipedia Israel reported on Sunday.
The long serving prime minister was searched for 733,506 times in 2019, more than the television series Game of Thrones with 223,580 hits or Blue and White with 269,458.
Wikipedia derives its name from the Hawaiian word Wiki, which means quick, and pedia, meaning learning. It was jointly created by Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales and is currently one of the most popular online sources of information.
Wikipedia is a free online source that users volunteer their time and energy to write and edit entries for, with entries ranging from the biography of Netanyahu to ancient Roman history to Yiddish entries.
In 2018 Haaretz claimed that, unlike other countries where volunteers have a policy of debating and agreeing on how to write sensitive entries by creating a large majority, Israeli users created a policy in which only users who edited over 100 entries can vote on entries.
“While in English Wikipedia decisions are made by debating,” a user said, “in the Hebrew Wikipedia, they are made by voting, and as we know, the majority is not always right.”