New exhibit to show the secrets of the Yekke Jewish community

The exhibit will focus of the various life stories and secrets in the community

Museum catalog (photo credit: MUSEUM OF GERMAN SPEAKING JEWRY)
Museum catalog
During the holiday of Sukkot, the Tefen Tower Museum will host the exhibit "It's my secret, now I can tell it," which will reveal stories and secrets from the Yekke community, a community of German speaking Jews.
During the event, Dan Hamitzerl, a Yekke himself, will hold interviews with the decedents of theses families about secrets that they have kept to this very day, all completed with musical accompaniment. There will also be tours throughout the museum and various creative workshops about stories and secrets.
"While the Yekke descendants know how to keep secrets, some of them were willing to reveal their wonderful family stories to us, and for that I am grateful," Ruth Ofek, curator of the museum of German speaking Jewry said. "These interesting secrets will be kept here in the museum forever"
"It's exciting to reveal the stories and historical secrets of the Yekke community. Each of the stories is an entire world in and of itself. Each story allows us to show an exciting and previously unknown angle of the Yekke community," Deborah Herbfeld, head of he Association of Israelis of Central European Origin said. "One of the central goals of this exhibit is to preserve the unique legacy of the Jews of central Europe for the rest of the population and for the following generations."