New in Israel: File your annual tax return online

The new system eliminates the need to physically submit the report with attached documents, and is available for filing for 2019, 2020 and onwards, the authority said.

money (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Israel Tax Authority has launched a system that will, for the first time, allow individuals to file their annual income-tax report online, it said Sunday.
The new system eliminates the need to physically submit the report with attached documents, and it is available for filing for 2019, 2020 and onward, the authority said.
Submitting a full online annual report allows the taxpayer to enjoy a wide range of benefits, including fast handling of reports, fast tax returns and 24/7 submission availability. The new system will allow efficient use of manpower, time, storage, transportation and more, both for the report submitters and for the authority. It is estimated that the system will save tens of millions of shekels a year for the state coffers, as well as tens of millions of additional shekels for representatives.
The new system follows a move last November that created a system for authorized accountants and tax consultants to submit annual reports online on behalf of their clients. The project uses an infrastructure that will be used for additional digital projects planned by the authority.
“Opening the system is a significant milestone in realizing the Tax Authority’s vision to become a paperless digital authority and revolutionizes the interface between the public and the Tax Authority,” Israel Tax Authority director Eran Yaacov said. “The ability to file full online annual report is one of the key parts of our new digital strategy, which also includes a new system launched in March to provide real-estate tax assessments within one working day. The site also includes a personal area with a variety of services for businesses and citizens.”
The new system will also allow people who do not have a file with the income-tax authorities to apply for a tax rebate for 2019 and 2020 if they did so in previous years.
The Tax Authority said it extended the deadline for 2020 tax filings for individuals and companies until June 30 to allow time to prepare to file using the new system. Taxes can still be filed via traditional channels, it added.