O-Tech: The leading office real estate complex in Kfar Saba

There is no doubt that companies renting space in O-Tech will have a prestigious address that will be a boon to promoting their enterprises.

O-Tech complex (photo credit: Courtesy)
O-Tech complex
(photo credit: Courtesy)
In Israel, science-oriented industries are the backbone of the economy. These include sectors such as software, computers, cleantech, homeland security, and biotech. As the science-oriented industries are growing fast, real estate entrepreneurs are busily developing office complexes adapted to the needs of these companies.
One of these new ultra modern complexes is O-Tech. It is located in “Atir Yeda (science oriented) industrial park in the city Kfar Saba, northeast of Tel Aviv. Developer Oshira Ltd. has spared no effort or expense in creating a modern office complex to suit the needs of the hi-tech occupants.
Oshira is part of the SK Group, which is owned by entrepreneur Sami Katsav. Since its establishment in the mid-1980s, Oshira has developed numerous business complexes and, in the process, has acquired extensive experience in planning and developing offices, as well as commercial and entertainment complexes. In one of its latest projects, O-Tech, Oshira has invested NIS 800 million. Built to the highest standards, the complex consists of three connected buildings and Oshiland complex just across the street with restaurants shops cinemas etc. Altogether they cover an area of 100,000 square meters which will supply the needs of the tenants. As one of the most attractive office complexes in the country, it is much in demand by science-oriented companies, as well as other companies, from Israel and abroad.
The three buildings are called O-Tech 1, O-Tech 2, and O-Tech 3. The stories in each of the two first buildings are extra large especially suited for the post corona era when companies renting space will want to make maximum use of their space. O-Tech-1 has already been completed and is fully rented. O-Tech 2 has been completed and half of the space has already been rented and tenants are starting to occupy their premises. Building of O-Tech 3 has just begun and is scheduled to be ready by the second half of 2022.
The location of O-Tech is ideal. It is part of three adjacent cities – Kfar Saba, Ra’anana, and Herzliya, all of which have impressive industrial parks. O-Tech has easy access to Tel Aviv, the country’s financial and commercial capital. It also has easy access to the national road grid and through it to all parts of the country.
The interior arrangement of O-Tech office spaces are first class. They are also very flexible and allow maximum and easy adjustments to the needs of the customer. In addition to the topnotch appointments and facilities, tenants will have the advantage of the entertainment and commercial area just across the street.
Golan Dotan the CEO of the developers is very proud of the project and says, “During the past two years O-Tech has become the central office complex for companies in hi tech, biotech and financial services. The corona pandemic has not dampened demand and we lately signed rental contracts with six leading companies.” Although O-Tech has been operational for a relatively short amount of time, the advantages of renting space in the complex has already spread far and wide. Despite these trying times of the corona pandemic, demand for rentals in O-Tech has been brisk.
During the past months, O-Tech’s management has signed rental agreements with six major high-profile companies among others: AstraZeneca, one of the largest British pharmaceutical companies, which is well known for developing a coronavirus vaccine
Novo Nordisk, a Danish pharmaceutical company that specializes in developing treatments and drugs for diabetes
The SIBF investment company, an important investor in biotech startups. In addition, the management is negotiating the terms of two additional companies that will soon join the growing list of leading companies with premises in O-Tech.
There is no doubt that companies renting space in O-Tech will have a prestigious address that will be a boon to promoting their enterprises.