Police clear Eli Kamir in Netanyahu-related corruption case

Kamir denied any wrongdoing and last week was officially cleared by police.

Eli Kamir (photo credit: SIVAN FARAG)
Eli Kamir
(photo credit: SIVAN FARAG)
Eight months after opening an investigation, the Israel Police announced last week that it has closed the case against Eli Kamir, a well-known strategic consultant, and cleared him of any wrongdoing.
Kamir was arrested earlier this year as police investigated suspicions that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s top adviser, Nir Hefetz, had offered the job of attorney-general to a former judge in exchange for her closing a case against Sara Netanyahu. At the time, police claimed that Kamir had been involved in making the offer to the former judge, Hila Gerstel.
Kamir denied any wrongdoing and last week was officially cleared by police. “Upon thoroughly reviewing the evidential base that was gathered, the Israel Police believes that the investigation’s findings provide no evidential ground for the described allegations,” the Israel Police said in an official statement.
Kamir is a well-known figure in the Israeli business and political scene. In 2009, after serving as media adviser to the minister of defense, and as chief of staff to then-deputy prime minister Shaul Mofaz, Kamir set up a strategic consultancy firm. Among his clients are a number of leading multi-national corporations operating in Israel.
Throughout the investigation, the police came under fire for arresting Kamir. Some high-profile journalists, like Channel 2’s Amit Segal and Amnon Abramovitch, reported that the suspicions were baseless and suggested that Kamir pursue legal action on the grounds of false arrest.