AG orders probe of Hazan for alleged attack of public servant

As a member of Knesset, Hazan has certain immunities and the investigation requires special approval.

Likud MK Oren Hazan
In yet another front for embattled Likud MK Oren Hazan, Attorney- General Yehuda Weinstein has ordered a probe into allegations that the lawmaker attacked a public servant in 2014, The Jerusalem Post learned Tuesday.
Aspects of the probe were already under way before this week, but Weinstein needed to give a higher- level approval for the criminal investigation now that Hazan is a member of Knesset with certain immunities.
The Justice Ministry made no public statement on the issue.
Some media reports incorrectly identified the incident as having occurred in 2010.
Besides the latest accusations, Hazan has faced a firestorm of allegations of wrongdoing over the last week.
Most recently, Channel 10 reported on Monday night that Hazan used to touch and grind up against female employees of the bar he owned in Tel Aviv from 2011-2012.
The report featured Hazan’s former employees, with blurred faces and distorted voices, saying he would grab them by the waist, intimidate them into hugging him, and rub his genitals against their backsides as he passed by.
They also said that he would often get drunk, dance on the bar and lower his pants to show his backside, and that they were afraid to be near him when he was intoxicated.
They added that they had not complained about sexual harassment because they had been afraid of losing their jobs.
The women explained that they had decided to go public now because Hazan is a Knesset member, and that they were unaware of the legal implications of his behavior.
Hazan denied the report, calling them “cheap, low accusations.”
Prior to that report, Channel 2 News reported last week that, while managing a casino in Burgas, Bulgaria, Hazan would pimp out prostitutes and provide crystal meth to Israeli tourists.
Hazan denied these allegations as well and plans to sue Channel 2.
Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein suspended Hazan from his position as deputy Knesset speaker following the report.