'Father of Tel Aviv gunman did right thing by identifying son,' Herzog says

Zionist Union leader reacted to the Tel Aviv shooting during a town hall meeting just blocks away.

Tel Aviv gunman moments before he starts shooting
Zionist Union head Isaac Herzog praised the father of the gunman suspected of carrying out the shooting attack on Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street on Friday.
Speaking at a town hall meeting in Tel Aviv, the opposition leader said that the father “did the right thing” in notifying authorities that it was his son who appeared on closed-circuit footage that captured the moments leading up to the gruesome attack.
“Since the incident, a day has passed and the despicable murderer has yet to be caught,” Herzog said. “His father, who gave the police and the other security services information about his identity, did the right thing.”
Video of Tel Aviv shooting
“I know some members of the perpetrator’s family,” the opposition chief said. “In contrast to attempts by some to depict the town in which they live as problematic [from a security standpoint], in practice there are good people there, academics and educated people.”