Female Israeli lawmakers say Clinton victory inspired them

The MKs say they were inspired by Clinton's career and her political success.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a "Women for Hillary" meeting in Milwaukee (photo credit: REUTERS)
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a "Women for Hillary" meeting in Milwaukee
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Female Knesset members took to social media Wednesday to express their joy over former secretary of state Hillary Clinton wrapping up enough support to win the Democratic nomination for president of the United States.
The women MKs said they were inspired by Clinton’s career and her political success.
“Glass ceilings broken by individual courageous women open doors for others and prove that the sky is the limit,” MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Union), a former foreign minister, wrote on Twitter.
Zionist Union faction head Merav Michaeli, who is known as a strong feminist, wrote on Twitter that Clinton’s victory was also for her and other female leaders across the globe.
“Her! But not just her. It is us. The campaign of Hillary for president is a campaign of each and every one of us and we will win,” Michaeli wrote.
Michaeli said she felt deeply invested in Clinton’s campaign, due to its impact on women.
“She represents so many women, so her win is very symbolic,” she said. “I am sure it is a burden for her to know that she has me and all of us on her back.”
When asked to compare Clinton to Israel’s female prime minister, Golda Meir, Michaeli said she believed Meir was elected despite being a woman.
She said she was not sure a woman can be elected in Israel because she is a woman.
Kulanu MK Rachel Azaria said she thanked Clinton for inspiring her when she met her at the American Jewish Committee’s global forum in 2014.
“Clinton being a candidate for president of the US is very emotional for me, and it gives inspiration to female politicians all over the world,” Azaria said. “Her words have given me strength and helped me and others succeed.”
Yesh Atid MK Aliza Lavie, who has closely followed Clinton’s career as a professor of women’s studies, said many women in the world see her as a role model.
“You can love her or not love her, but it is hard to remain complacent about the story of her life and her strong faith in her own abilities,” Lavie said.” In a world where women are still far from equality, a woman leading the world’s superpower will send a message that will echo throughout the globe. Whether or not she wins, her running and changing a crisis into an opportunity will put her on the pages of history.”