Lapid: We’re Iran’s declared target

Yesh Atid leader meets with US Republican congressman Peter Roskam.

Lapid: We’re the declared target of Iran – we’re entitled to be more worried than others
Voicing apprehensions about the world powers’ nuclear deal with Iran is not the same as interfering in American politics, Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid told Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Illinois) at the party’s headquarters in Tel Aviv on Wednesday.
Lapid acknowledged that he and Roskam both think the Iran agreement is “full of dangers and risks,” but clarified that Israelis “are careful not to interfere in American politics, while expressing our deep concern about this deal and its consequences for Israel.
“We are in range and we are the declared target; therefore, maybe we’re entitled to be more worried than others,” Lapid posited. He later added that Israel must be prepared for the day after the deal is authorized.
Roskam responded: “I take your point that Israel is the first target, but it is in the best interest of the United States to push back against this deal with Iran.”
The Illinois lawmaker was visiting Israel as part of a delegation organized by the Jewish Federation of Chicago, and said that Israel has many friends both in Congress and in the Windy City.
Israel and the US “have so many things in common in terms of joint interests,” he said.
Lapid thanked Roskam for working on legislation Congress passed earlier this year that would establish any future trade agreement with a country boycotting Israel as contravening the existing US-Israel Free Trade Agreement, the first such agreement the US signed, back in 1985.
“I know you worked very hard on the BDS bill and that’s important to us,” Lapid said