Likud central committee candidate proposes bill to give central committee members jobs

Amsalem: Legislation will fix ‘an injustice that harms freedom of occupation.’

The Knesset (photo credit: KNESSET SPOKESMAN'S OFFICE)
The Knesset
New legislation that would make it easier for parties’ central committee members to apply for government jobs was proposed by Knesset Interior Committee chairman David Amsalem (Likud), who is running for Likud central committee chairman.
Amsalem’s bill would no longer require applicants for government jobs to declare their political connections.
“It is unthinkable that talented people who fit the conditions of the tender [for a job] will have to give up just because of their connections to a party and their political ties,” he said.
Amsalem added that his bill will fix “an injustice of many years that harms freedom of occupation and equality between candidates that are political activists, and give them access to participate in any tender and be examined according to his talents and not his connections, which in this case hurt his chances of getting a job.
The vote for Likud central committee chairman is on December 29. Amsalem has the support of a group of MKs and ministers, and is one of several candidates for the position, including Deputy Interior Minister Yaron Mazuz and MK Nava Boker.
Welfare Minister Haim Katz is expected to announce his candidacy on Monday, with the support of Transportation Minister Israel Katz.