Netanyahu on way to US: World must support Israel in its fight against terror

"World must have only one standard in fight against terror, and support Israel as it uses that standard."

What the UN General Assembly means for Israel
Israel expects the international community to have “one standard” in the war against terrorism, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday, hinting at a double standard the world uses when it comes to terrorism against Israelis.
Netanyahu made his comments as he boarded his plane to New York, where he will meet US President Barack Obama on Wednesday, and address the UN General Assembly on Thursday.
In a preview of what is likely to be one of the main themes of his address, and in the wake of the recent uptick in stabbing attacks, Netanyahu said he will “speak Israel's truth there, I will speak about Israel's justice and heroism, the heroism of our soldiers, police officers and citizens who are waging an uncompromising struggle against cruel terrorism.
“I expect one standard from the international community in the war against terrorism,” he said. “The international community says there is a need to fight terrorism with determination and in an uncompromising manner. Therefore they also need to support Israel's determined and uncompromising struggle against terrorism.”
Moral clarity, he said, “is essential to fight and defeat terrorism.”