WATCH: Father of Jordan attacker demands investigation into son's killing

"I call on His Majesty to take me into consideration and consider him as his son and lead me to what happened to my son," says emotional dad.

Father of Jordanian killed near Israeli embassy demands details of investigation (credit: REUTERS)
Zakria Jawawdah, the father of Mohammad Jawawdah, the Jordanian national who was killed Sunday evening by an Israeli security guard near the Israeli embassy in Amman, has called for a full investigation into his son's death.
He said his son was not a trouble-maker and had not belonged to any groups or political parties, and demanded to know why the boy had been killed.
Jawawadah was one of two Jordanians who died from wounds inflicted during a shooting on Sunday in the compound of the heavily-guarded Israeli embassy that also wounded an Israeli, police and a security source said. Jordanian police said after Sunday's shooting that they sealed off the embassy compound and deployed dozens of anti-terrorism forces.
The incident has caused a diplomatic uproar, with Jordan demanding the guard not be allowed to leave the country prior to being investigated and Israel claiming he acted in self defense and requesting the norms of diplomatic immunity be respected.
Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke to embassy representatives throughout the day and a senior official was being dispatched to the city to try to negotiate his safe return. Netanyahu also spoke to the guard himself and promised him he would bring him home.