Three arrested for saying Kaddish for slain family on the Temple Mount

Rabbi said that if forced to chose between obeying the law and pursuing justice "of course I'm going to violate the law."

SHOCKING: Ari Abramowitz Forcefully Silenced and Arrested on the Temple Mount for Saying Kaddish
Three Israeli Jews were detained on Temple Mount in Jerusalem Tuesday after they recited the Kaddish (the Jewish prayer for the dead) in honor of the Salomon family who were brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist on Friday.
Rabbi and activist Ari Abramowitz, one of the men arrested, told The Jerusalem Post that he was moved to go to the site after having attended the funeral of the slain family members on Sunday.
"It was devastating," he said. "It was clear to me that going there [to the Temple Mount] is the calling of all the Jewish people, that there could be no peace unless we made the issue about God."
"As far as I know, this is the first time a minyan has been assembled to say Kaddish on the site. After they detained me, I heard the police say on the walkie-talkie that they would have to arrest the entire group because they said 'amen' at the end of the prayer and that constitutes a violation of the regulations of the site."
Non-Muslims are allowed to visit the site, but not to pray there, for fear of offending the Muslim worshipers.
Abramowitz said he was aware of the law prohibiting Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, but that if forced to choose between law and justice, "of course I'm going to violate the law."
The brutal attack in Halamish came amid heightened tensions in the wake of a shooting attack at the Temple Mount on July 14 that left two Israeli Border Police officers dead. Following that attack, Israel increased security measures, including installing metal detectors and cameras around the entrance to the Jerusalem holy site, as well as deploying extra troops to Jerusalem and the West Bank.
The Palestinians and the Muslim world reacted with fury over the moves, which they said indicated an Israeli attempt to change the status quo at the Temple Mount. A spate of violence and clashes have since ensued. 
Although the metal detectors were removed on Tuesday morning, Muslim believers have been encouraged by the Wakf (Muslim religious authority) to cease praying at the holy site until all Israeli security measures, including cameras, have been lifted.