Yesh Atid becomes matchmaker for soldiers, immigrants for Passover seder

People can sign up for the service or volunteer to host people on the party's website.

Passover seder (photo credit: REUTERS)
Passover seder
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Yesh Atid party began an initiative Thursday to set up people who need a Passover Seder ahead of the festive holiday meal that will take place April 22.
The initiative is especially intended for needy populations such as lone soldiers and recent immigrants.
“I call upon all the citizens of Israel to take part in this national initiative,” party leader Yair Lapid said. “If you know someone who is alone, a Holocaust survivor who has no one, a new immigrant who came without a family, or anyone else who doesn’t have someone to be with at the Seder table, let us know and we will make sure they are not left alone.”
People can sign up for the service or volunteer to host people on the party’s website.
An email address is provided on the Yesh Atid Facebook pages in Hebrew and English.
“What distinguishes Israel is solidarity, the desire to help a fellow Jew whoever they might be,” Lapid said.
“Let’s all come together to ensure that everyone has someone to be with during Passover.”
Lapid was asked by The Jerusalem Post whom he would invite to his Seder if he could invite three people who have ever lived.
His response: Moses, John F. Kennedy and Bruce Springsteen.