President Reuven Rivlin visits War of Attrition monument

Rivlin also went on to visit Isfiya and Daliyat al-Karmel, where he met with the towns' mayors

Rivlin in Isfiya (photo credit: AMOS BEN GERSHOM, GPO)
Rivlin in Isfiya
(photo credit: AMOS BEN GERSHOM, GPO)
Israel's President Reuven Rivlin continued his tour across northern Israel with a visit to the renovated monument to the fallen soldiers of the War of Attrition.
The War of Attrition took place after the Six Day War, and lasted until 1970, and was mainly fought against Egypt. Much of it was an attempt by Egypt to reclaim the Sinai peninsula, though they remained unsuccessful 
The monument is placed in the Druzy town of Isfiya, was built in 1973 and was recently renovated by the family of lieutenant David Eisen.  
The president then met with Isfiya mayor Bahij Mansur telling him, "I'm glad to come home, that's what I feel like when I meet the member of the Druze community" and told him that Isfiya is an example of the cooperation between all groups who live together in Israel.
He then visited Daliyat al-Karmel and met its mayor and talked about how the "blood pact" should be re-titled into a "life pact" further saying he's glad to have the Druze as a part of Israel.